Automated and Manual Testing in a DevOps and Agile world

Faster, better, stronger. DevOps and Agile teams require significant testing efforts to deliver high-quality software in concert. Here comes the critical need for a test management strategy to plan, develop, execute, and report on all testing activities across the software development lifecycle. To achieve it, a quality policy with automated tests and manual tests as well is required from the beginning of the project. But it needs to be easy and fun!



👉 This webinar will give you tricks, returns on experiences, and include a demo of Tuleap Agile tools and Tuleap Test Management.

đź“Ś Program

  • How to set up an effective quality assurance strategy that is easy to run for teams,
  • The best practices to achieve a complete traceability in an agile development project,
  • How to do quality without being expensive.

Sebastien ROMANET

Passionate about new technologies and the opportunities they offer to manufacturers. My experience allows me to understand the issues of digital transformation and to best support my clients in the choice of their tool. My advice: give preference to Open Source tools, such as Tuleap!

With Tuleap, enable lean delivery of stellar compliant software.

All-in-one. Without vendor lock in. Really customizable.
Tuleap the unique 100% Open Source solution for Agile and DevOps.

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